I will be a steady confidant as we navigate your belongings together to decipher what stays, what goes, why this one is your favorite, why you can’t stand that one, and what to do with the ones you don’t know what to do with! We will make it through the deepest closet and the drawers you don’t open. What was tucked into a corner will see the light of day and you may find this unnerving. Perhaps this is where you’ve stopped before. 

 The process of organizing moves through chaos before it reaches calm. This is a necessary part of the process. I promise I have seen it before and I can see an end in a way you may not be able to in that moment. I won’t leave you hanging! In fact, that’s the part where you get to relax while I keep going.



This is happening every time we interact. I make assessments by watching, listening and asking questions. Through conversation we are able to refine my understanding of you and your space. From this, we can determine the general layout of the room. 

On a technical note: I use my measuring tape a lot during this part. I love my measuring tape. 



This is the part where science and art meet. These are the details. It is my opinion that getting specific here makes the difference between being organized today and staying organized tomorrow. 

 Once I meet you and your space, it’s always with me. I usually have my most brilliant ideas in the shower. I’m thinking about it on my drives. I’m dreaming about it in my sleep. I mention thinking as a step because it is so vital to the success of your space. I’m not interested in putting everything in a box with a label on it. 

 I want you and your space to work together intuitively. And I think that’s worth a second thought. From there I present my game plan.



This is where it all comes together: the general layout, the categorized placement, the investment, and the finishing touches. If you haven’t been able to see it before, you will now. 



 There’s something different about you. 

 In our time together, you learned more about yourself. You have an understanding of how you want to live in your space. You are excited from all the possibilities at your fingertips. So, this is where I leave you. Oh, sure, I’ll be here if you ever need me but in the meantime, I’m excited to see what will become of you!!