I hired Oh Dear Robin to help me reorganize my kitchen in my condo and could not be happier with the results! Robin spent time with me before we began the project to understand exactly how I used the space and to identify the major areas where I was having problems with the organization and layout of the space. She was able to see the space in a way I never could, and moved things to spaces that made so much more sense. After she was done, my kitchen was more efficient that I realized it could be, and I had room to expand my kitchen tools and gadgets without getting rid of very much at all. I loved how Robin catered to my specific needs in the kitchen - she thought about how I used the space and made it work for me. Also, since the space was a rental, all the bins and shelves we added to the cabinets and drawers were removable. When I recently moved into my new home I was able to easily pack and unpack my kitchen and keep the organization structure intact. In addition to the work we did in the kitchen, Robin walked through my entire home with me and discussed how the spaces were used and gave me recommendations for how to improve organization in other areas. She didn’t just reorganize my kitchen for me, she gave me tools and ideas to improve my space and taught me how to create a more organized and efficient home. Now that I am in a new space, I am looking forward to working with Oh Dear Robin again to help me settle in to my new home!

Katy Streeter

She was able to see the space in a way I never could


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